Do you know Tech in Asia? Write for us!

For those of you who would like to get involved with our blog, we are always open to guest contributions on the topic of technology in Asia. If you have something you’d like to say, we encourage you to write it – even if English isn’t your first language. We’ll try work with you to make your piece better, but we do ask that you follow a few simple guidelines:

  • Submit your piece in Markdown format either via email or a plain text file [1]. Don’t be scared if you don’t know what it is. It only takes a minute to learn, and it helps us convert to HTML quicker. If you have images, you can send them as attachments.
  • To link a phrase, please do it in this format.
    • E.g.: This is how [you link your phrase](http:/ in your article.
  • Speaking of links, we like outgoing links because it’s another way of adding valuable information for our readers, even if it isn’t on our site. So don’t hesitate to link out.
  • Your post is not a self-promotion. While we do allow for you to describe yourself or your company in the bio, if you have some relationship to the topic you’re discussing you need to disclose that in the interests of being transparent with our readers.
  • We value clarity over length, so don’t add any words that don’t need to be added. Your article can be short.
  • Your post should be original, and not have been published elsewhere. Also, if you plan to post it somewhere else in the future, we’d like a heads up, as it may affect our decision in whether or not to accept it.
  • If you use quotes from elsewhere, be sure to properly present them (in quotes or blockquotes), and then give credit either with a hyperlink or a footnote. This is our most important rule, and violating it is punishable by death. Ok, not really. But we get really pissed [2].

We also experiment a lot with interactive content, so if you’re a young aspiring writer looking to learn more about publishing for the web, we’re happy to help teach. We have a virtual newsroom where our team members from many countries discuss our work-in-progress during the day, so you’re welcome to come hang out.

Still interested? If so, drop us a line at editors[at] and tell us your first story idea.

  1. We avoid MS Word, as it’s a paid application and not everyone has it. Also, chicks dig Markdown. Honest. The key part here is formatting your links like so: Eg. "According to a report by [ABC Research](, Chinese consumers have been..."  ↩
  2. We reserve the right to say no to a piece if it doesn’t work. We hate to say no, but sometimes things don’t work out. We still love you.  ↩