Market Leaders Emerging in China’s Group Buy Space


We’ve seen a lot happen in China’s group buy space over the past few months. What was a much tighter pack six months ago, has seen a number of competitors drop off and others jump to the fore.

According to reports from, a group buy aggregator and analyst, as of February the market leader is Meituan holding 15 percent of the market. It’s followed by the trio of 55tuan (11.8 percent), Dianping (10.7 percent), and Lashou (10 percent). The rest of the crowded field is packed together around or under six percent. Dataotuan points out:

The top 4 now makes up more than 47.5% of the total deal revenue. To put that in perspective, the top 10 represents 78% of the deal revenue. The change is here more in market consolidation.

Indeed we have seen many of these companies go through troubles of late, with Renren’s Nuomi losing $9.6 million in the last quarter, and the strange drama around Tuanbao of late has been sort of a tragic comedy with a twist of Charlie Brown.

You can check out the chart below (image version here) where we have plotted Dataotuan’s figures [1] for the past six months (with the exception of those with all but negligible share) to get a bit of a broader picture of things. Their February report, in its entirety, can be read here.

  1. For the purpose of this chart, dates are given as the last day of the month. But it should be noted that Dataotuan’s figures are monthly.  ↩

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