GREE Releases Monster Quest, New iOS Game from Funzio Team

Rick Martin
Rick Martin
10:15 am on Oct 19, 2012


GREE’s (TYO:3632) US studio has just announced a new title, as Monster Quest has just dropped for iPhone and iPad. The game is free to play, and lets players collect, train, and fuse monsters in order to create a monster empire.

Monsters represent eight elements, with each type possessing certain characteristics that will help them in battle. But in addition to this battle element players can also build habitats as well, sort of as you would in a farming or city-building game. The graphics look really sharp (it has retina support), and the variety of missions (over 300) should provide lots of opportunity to explore.

GREE International’s Kenneth Chiu explained:

In Monster Quest, the talented members of the team that brought us Crime City, Modern War, and Kingdom Age have created a smooth, high performance game that uniquely ties fantastic art with a deep single player experience and high quality PVP interactions.

The team that Chiu is referring to there is, of course, Funzio. Our readers may recall that GREE acquired the San Francisco-based game developer back in May for the huge sum of $210 million dollars.

You can check out GREE’s trailer and some images for Monster Quest below.

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