Google Launches Its Very First TV Commercial in Indonesia

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Last Friday Google launched its first ever TV commercial for Indonesia. Many Twitter users here reported that they watched two different versions of the ads, and indeed, you can watch both at Google Indonesia’s YouTube channel.

The first one is titled Google Chrome: Blood For Life, featuring an Indonesia community named Blood For Life Indonesia. The group uses a mailing list and Twitter (@Blood4LifeID) to encourage people to transfuse their blood. Here’s the commercial.

For anyone who doesn’t understand Bahasa Indonesian, here is is our translated transcript for the Blood For Life commercial:

[0:01]: (narrated news voice) Indonesian Red Cross is targeting four million blood bags every year, but the realization is troubled by insufficient numbers of donors.
[0:04]: (online news title) Lack of Blood Donors to Indonesian Red Cross
[0:11]: (group description) We all have blood to be donated
[0:15]: Group Info. Members: (counting up). Language: Indonesian
[0:16]: Valencia, please help my son
[0:17]: Jajang to me: My son has cardiac abnormalities. He needs very rare O- blood type.
[0:21]: If he does not get operated on today, he won’t survive.
[0:25]: (title) URGENTLY NEEDED: O- Blood Type. (clicks) Publish Post | Forward | Share
[0:28]: (blog posts) URGENTLY NEEDED: O- Blood Type. O- Blood type needed for boy with cardiac abnormalities in Harapan Kita Hospital. Call Jajang.
[0:31]: We don’t have much time
[0:34]: Dewi: My blood is O-! Arief: I can help. My blood is .. Sakti: I’m O-, where can I .. Yuli: I’m O-!
[0:36]: Fahmi is having his operation now. Please pray for him..
[0:42]: (inbox) Jajang: Thank you Valencia.
[0:44]: Jajang to me: Now, you’re my family.
[0:49]: Your bloods flow in my son.
[0:52]: Valencia Randa, Mediator.
[0:54]: Make Internet as vast as your creation.

I’ve watched several Google ads from Google’s Search Stories channel and the Google Chrome channel. Most of them are very sentimental and pull at your heart-strings. But since this commercial is local to Indonesia, it holds even more appeal for me. I almost cried when translating it into English.

Dear Lia

The second commerical is entitled Google Chrome: Lia Tersayang (or ‘Dear Lia’ in English). Check it out below:

Again, it’s very sentimental. And thankfully, we don’t have to translate it since it’s using nearly the same script, videos, and photos as its American counterpart, Dear Sophie.

Both videos have been watched by thousands of people already. Blood for Life has more than 15,000 views and Lia Tersayang has more than 9,000 views as I write this.

Fun Fact – There are three Indonesian digital brand logos at the end of those videos:, Kaskus, and


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