Japanese Startup Giftee Has Free Chicken for Your Facebook Friends

giftee Christmas chicken campaign

giftee Christmas chicken campaign

Last year you may recall that we featured Japanese startup Giftee, a service that lets you send real gifts to your friends via Twitter or Facebook. That same company is running a fun Christmas campaign today where it is giving away 50,000 pieces of chicken, which you can gift to some of your friends.

Naturally, me and my wife jumped on Giftee to try to send chicken to each other. Because we’re romantic like that. The Giftee site was crawling at a pretty slow speed, so I imagine they have drummed up a lot of traffic with this promotion. But eventually I was prompted to pick a card which would determine how many chicken pieces I could give to friends.

I think I lucked out, because I was awarded five pieces. On the next page, I could then select the five Facebook friends to whom I would send them. Interestingly, the friends I interact with most were not present, which makes me think Giftee has taken steps to prevent people like me from scamming their chicken.

So while five of my friends (see below) have received coupons for 5 pieces of chicken at their nearest Family Mart convenience store, I’m left to go search the fridge for lunch. I think I have a potato or something in there somewhere…

If you’re in Japan and you’d like to give it a try, head on over to the giftee.co website to give it a try. It will be interesting to see how much of a boost in users the site gets from this campaign. Family Mart chicken isn’t particularly expensive, this could be a pretty clever way of acquiring new users just before the Christmas rush.

[Thanks to Steve Nagata for pointing this out. I tried to ‘chicken’ you, but I couldn’t find you on my list!]


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