Get the dirt on how little-known Metaps roped in Line and Zynga as clients (#StartupAsia preview)



Companies large and small are always eager to get their apps in front of eyeballs, and equally keen to measure how much money they’re making from ads. As a result, a number of startups have emerged that aim to take up the burden of promoting and advertising for developers.

One of the more successful startups to specialize in app monetization is Metaps, a Tokyo-based firm that offers various user-acquisition tools and analytics for startups. With just US$16.5 million to date in funding, the company has landed Kakao, Line, Baidu, Zynga, and others as clients.

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How’d they do it? Metaps CEO Katsuaki Sato will be speaking at TIA’s upcoming Startup Asia Tokyo 2014 to spill the beans and share his insights on how to win in the competitive adtech industry. If you’re working in mobile adds or app monetization, you’re not gonna want to miss it.

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