Gear up for Valentine’s Day with these 9 apps


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We know Valentine’s Day is just round the corner, so we curated some really useful apps just for you that could make this annual occasion a little more interesting and memorable!

For Couples


From South Korea, Between is a couples-only app that aims to create a one-on-one ‘intimate space’ to share chats, photos, videos, and emoticons between lovers.

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Singapore-based LoveByte is another popular mobile messaging app for couples, which also allows users to create albums, save dates, and even add milestones like the first date. The app has a cool feature that allows users to send each other scratchcards with secret messages, which makes digital loving all the more fun.

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Tokyo-based Pairy is a social network app for couples to record relationship moments and communications with their significant others so they don’t have to sort through their social media accounts. Similar to Between and LoveByte, Pairy includes sharable albums, chat, calendars, and a date planner.

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The Vibease sex vibrator, hooked up to an Android or iPhone device, can be controlled by either the women or her lover. When alone, the lady can view a downloadable ‘fantasy’ on her phone, essentially a mood-altering video that buzzes the vibrator in sync with the action. When with her partner, the pair can engage in a bit of foreplay with a Whatsapp-style interface – and the app can be controlled remotely.

True Love Tester smart bra

Designed by Japanese lingerie maker and retailer Ravijour, this high-tech smart bra can only be unclasped by “true love”. Linked to a mobile app, the sensor on the front clasp will detect the heart rate of the wearer, and will automatically unclasp itself once the heart rate reaches a specific point. Though the function seems almost like a chastity belt, this bra could certainly inject some fun into Valentine’s day.

Find a date:


Avalable is a social dating app that helps singles locate compatible matches within their own city using GPS on their smartphones. It also uses personality equations, optionally taps into friends of friends on Facebook, and can use Facebook interests as means to match people.

The app also provides a “non-available” dating status for those who have found someone already but still want to use the app. These “taken” people can still participate in the singles community but their profiles won’t turn up in matches.

Get Avalable on iOS and Android.


Noonswoon, an online dating app from Thailand, aims to introduce singles to at least one match a day – at noon, to be precise. Instead of introducing singles to each other based on their phones’ GPS locations, the app establishes a private connection between you and a friend of a friend on Facebook, but only if they’re also using the app.

Get Noonswoon on iOS and Android.

Love Out Loud Asia

Love Out Loud Asia is a Singapore-based dating platform that recently shifted from the browser to a mobile app. The app encourages singles to break out of their shell, post their date ideas online, and then get offline to go on dates. It uses a formula that sends a match to you based on your history, Facebook profile information, facial features, and your date ideas.

Get LOLA on iOS and Android.


Paktor, Hokkien Chinese for “going on a date,” runs with the tagline “All it takes is 15 seconds.” The app is designed to replicate the bar or nightclub experience, that is, one based primarily on first impressions. Users can flick a photo left if they don’t like what they’re seeing, and swipe right if they are interested in the other party. However, it lessens the sting of rejection using a double-blind concept: Neither party will know if they’re being flicked into oblivion.

Get Paktor on iOS and Android.

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