Gangnam Style is Now an iPhone Game



Well, I guess it was only a matter of time before this happened. Korean pop star PSY has been a phenomenon over the past year for his infectious Gangnam Style hit song, but now he’s getting the eight-bit treatment in a new iPhone game called Gangnam Style City.

The game is a side-scrolling platformer where you assume the role of the Korean rapper as he horse-dances across city rooftops. I’m not sure how exactly the game developer would account for PSY’s sudden interest in Parkour, but there it is. It’s a very simple but fun game where PSY has to collect coins and items, and avoid falling into gaps between buildings. He can also get items like bikes, cars, and planes to drive in too – although admittedly that’s not nearly as fun as horse dancing.

In addition to the retro graphics, the game comes complete with an ‘eight-bit’ version of the Gangnam Style song too which plays in the background 1.

The new mobile title is available for free over on the app store for a limited time. I do recommend giving it a try, although if the price goes up to more than a buck or two, I’d take a pass on it. Gangnam Style City was just released over the weekend by Argentinian developer Voon, and it’s currently ranked in the top ten in the music category in 17 countries, including Italy and France (number one), as well as South Korea (at number three).




  1. Maybe I can yank this for my ringtone…

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