GameX picks up Philippine casters as new brand ambassadors

9:00 am on May 8, 2014

We’re used to seeing eSports news about professional players, but this time, the spotlight is on the casters. On May 6, Smart Communications picked up three popular Dota 2 shoutcasters in the Philippines—Tryke “Tryke” Gutierrez, Marlon “Lon” Marcelo, and Bianca “Biancake” Yao—to be the newest ambassadors for GameX, a portal for game e-pins for Smart, Sun, and Talk N Text subscribers.

Marcelo and Gutierrez are often referred to as the “Most Explosive Casting Duo” in the Philippines, as their witty, funny, and upbeat casting style has never failed to entertain the Philippine audience. Their phrases and expressions are often adapted as catch phrases and memes by the Philippine community. Aside from casting, Marcelo is also the commissioner for the Mineski Pro Gaming League and the head of digital agency for Mineski while Gutierrez is the executive director of the Philippine eSports Organization and also works on MSI’s gaming events and activities. On the other hand, Yao is one of the most notable faces in the Philippine gaming scene today and is also the ambassadress for MSI and MineskiTV.

Casters can sometimes be overlooked by many in the community. The Philippine scene in particular doesn’t have that many casters compared to other international scenes. Esports personalities being spokespeople for one of the biggest companies in the Philippines is a good sign that the scene is getting recognized and it will hopefully inspire others to pursue a career in eSports.

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