Gametize strives to create compelling experiences through game dynamics. It claims to be the leading gamification startup in Asia, having developed projects across various industries. The company believes that gamification should be applied to all aspects of life, since it could cause people to become more motivated and engaged. The startup was founded in 2009 as Socialico. It is headquartered in Singapore and has a presence in San Francisco. Gametize achieved cashflow positive status in 2012.


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The GameMaki iPhone app. Click for full-sized screenshot

GameMaki: A self-serve web and mobile gamification platform that aims to let users easily create challenge-based games. Games such as “take a photo with our sushi chef and receive a free plate of sushi!” or “share a photo of yourself posing like a barbarian to win a Diablo III collectible!” enable businesses or individuals to interact with their audiences in a fun and direct way, coupled with game dynamics such as team participation and leader boards.

The platform is served on a tiered subscription model and is also available as a white label solution, which involves a one time fee for each game. Games can be published on multiple platforms — ranging from the web, Facebook canvas and as native apps on iOS and Android.

Clients: DBS, Digital Life, Ideas.Inc, ACE, MakeShake, The Lawn, Standing Sushi Bar, Broadway Cafe.

Gametize: A powerful suite of gamification features consisting of a REST-based API, widgets, and a management console. Game features available include leaderboards, leveling, points, rewards, and team plays.


FameMark: A dating site that acts like “a stock exchange of people” where the users’ value rises or falls depending on their popularity. Gametize pivoted away from this product, but it intends to return to it.


Co-founders: Keith Ng (CEO) and Damon Widjaja (CTO), Jesslyn Teo (CDO), Brenda Tan (CMO)


Seed: NRF TIS (terms undisclosed), USD100k from Crystal Horse Investments



Email: team(at)
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