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Funny Specsavers Parody Ad Goes Viral [VIDEO]

Sarah Chong
Sarah Chong
1:30 am on Apr 10, 2010

specsavers viral adWant to create a viral ad but lack inspiration? How about creating parodies?

Specsavers tried it and enjoyed huge success. The ad is a parody of another viral ad titled, “The AXE Effect – Women – Billions” (over 3 million views), in which a throng of women dashed and swam towards a guy, who was vigorously spraying Axe deodorant on his body.

Specsavers created the exact same ad, except the women were turned off by the spectacle instead. The ad ended with a line of promotional texts that spotted the same typeface as the original.

Just 3 weeks after launch, the ad has gathered over 600,000 views. An impressive statistic + guaranteed good laugh.

‘The Specs Effect’ Advert (parody)

The AXE Effect – Women – Billions

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