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Freelancer Wants to Meet the Best Filipino Software Developers

Phoebe Magdirila
Phoebe Magdirila
9:10 pm on Jun 13, 2013

Freelancer software developers

(Update: The company reports that they already have around 300,000 registered Filipino freelancers, wherein 61,000 of which are are in the IT/software industry.)

Global outsourcing and crowdsourcing marketplace Freelancer recognizes the growing community of software developers in the Philippines. Also operating locally, it has been an advocate of IT studies and training in the country. It sponsored and judged numerous events for software developers in the past year including the WebGeek DevCup and AngelHack Manila. This year, it is on the lookout for the best software developer through its first competition in the Philippines, the Manila Dev Challenge.

It will put together the best developers in the country that have an innate talent and the keenest critical thinking and problem solving skills. The participants will be assessed on their skills in general software development knowledge and ability, solving intricate software problems, and implementing algorithms. Developers who reach the preliminaries will compete for a PHP 200,000 ($4,600) cash prize at the finals.

Freelancer’s regional director of engineering, Adric Schreuders, says “this competition is not for the faint of heart.”

Those who can rise to the challenge will be the real innovators of the field, in league with the top developers in the world. We’re not just looking for people who can code; we’re looking for engineers who can drive the evolution of the industry.

The competition will be held online on July 20, and Freelancer is now opening online registrations.

The online marketplace has been expanding a lot in Asia in the past year, including launching in other Southeast Asian nations such as Indonesia.

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