Feecha is a cool hyper-location savvy news reader app



After several iterations, Feecha has finally found its voice. It originated as a lame location-based microblog, but now it has completely transformed into something more useful: a location-savvy news reader app.

It isn’t quite like Flipboard, which first lets you pick your interests and news sites to follow. Instead, Feecha lets users pick the locations first before selecting content.

Feecha has over 1,000 sources across 19 interest categories for readers to choose from, including news, food reviews, movies, fashion, and nightlife. Right now, the app is only available in Singapore and received a nod of approval from Apple when it was featured on the Singapore App Store.

After using the app for a day, I kinda like it. It offers something different from traditional news reader apps. Since it’s a location-first news reader app, users also can discover information that’s not necessarily news-related. For example, when reading a food review tagged to my neighborhood, I learned about a cool ice cream place about 400 meters from my house that I had never heard of before.

Feecha is a product of Chingchong Group, founded by Jeffrey Yuwono and Robin Tan, two wildly-determined entrepreneurs who have worked on Feecha for the past two years.

I urge you to download Feecha here (iOS, Android). I’m sure it will make them insanely happy.

(Editing by Josh Horwitz)

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