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Facebook Mobile Hack Roadshow Coming To Singapore, Hong Kong, Seoul, Tokyo

Willis Wee
Willis Wee
10:30 pm on Feb 27, 2012

facebook logo

There are quite a lot of hackathons/hacking sessions in Asia these days, particularly those organized or supported by big companies. And that’s a great thing.

The latest hack roadshow in Asia will be held independently by Facebook. The four cities to have these sessions are Singapore, Hong Kong, Seoul, and Tokyo.

Facebook’s hack roadshow will focus specifically on mobile, including topics like web app development, native app development, responsive design (this one looks insightful), and an introduction to the Facebook mobile platform.

There will also be a hands-on hacking session near the end. The best apps will win some awards, though Facebook didn’t state what exactly is to be won. You can actually bring in a half-baked mobile app and finish building it in the hacking session. One good incentive is that the Facebook developer team will be there to assist you. Tickets cost just $25 which is a pretty good deal for serious mobile app developers. The sign-up page for each city is below:

And FYI, you might want to have a read through Facebook’s mobile guide before attending.

Hack fun!

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