Startup Helps You Create A Customized Facebook Cover in Minutes


Quite an impressive editor for creating Facebook cover banners. I basically wrote "Hi, my name is Willis Wee" in Chinese.

Ever wonder how some of your friends have created gorgeous Facebook Timeline cover images? You probably need some design skills to create a really good one. But, an Indonesian based startup has a solution for that.

At Timelinecoverbanner, you can find plenty of usable cover images ready to be uploaded to your profile page. The cool thing is, it also allows you to add in text, lines, and brushworks. For users who are picky, there is an option to upload your own background and use Timelinecoverbanner’s tool to customize your Facebook cover. Another cool feature is that it allows your profile picture to be part of your Facebook cover image. Just like the one below.


Dian Kurnia, the founder of Timelinecoverbanner, describes his service to us:

[It] provides you with the power to create a more creative timeline banner to impress all of your friends. We also support the timeline editor with tons of graphic clipart and backgrounds from our partner sites. You just need to browse them and copy paste the GRAPHIC ID of your desired image to our editor, and presto!.. your chosen graphic is added and ready to combine with your photo.

So far, Timelinecoverbanner has created quite a bit of traction. It has gathered over 60,000 fans on Facebook and is currently free to use. So far, advertising is the only monetization method employed by Kurnia.

His startup is interesting but could crumble quickly if Facebook decides to go for another redesign. And as history has shown, we all know that Facebook is pretty quick to make changes. Nonetheless, it is a cool service which should serve Facebook lovers for quite some time before the social networking giants decides to make a change again.

(And yes, we're serious about ethics and transparency. More information here.)

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