Eye See Tohoku: Helping Children Through Photography


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Photo: Sony

The other day I noted the difficulty of recording and archiving information related to last year’s tragic earthquake and tsunami in Japan. So I was pleased to stumble across this initiative from Unicef, with a little assistance from Sony (NYSE:SNE). It’s called Eye See Tohoku, and it was comprised of photography workshops for 27 young children in three affected towns, conducted by Italian photographer Giacomo Pirozzi.

The Eye See project is actually an initiative which goes all the way back to 2006 for children in other countries, but it’s good to see Sony extend it at home in Tohoku. Check out the video below from the UN Economic and Social Council explaining a little more about the project.

Of course, in addition to helping archive the disaster as an historical event, this initiative is a big help to kids who, in addition to learning some new digital photography skills, have a chance to process what they experienced and communicate it to the world. Pirozzi commented:

The children of Japan showed so much interest, so much passion, and so much willingness to learn photography… Any child faced with this level of stress has gone through so much. I am honored to help give them the opportunity to use photography to reflect on what happened to them.

The pictures from the project are now being exhibited at Unicef House in New York.

Another photography-related initiative worthy of mention, which we covered previously, is Photohoku.org an initiative that is helping families restart photo album lost in the tsunami.

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