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Evernote Integrates With Tencent’s ONE Browser, Now in English, Thai, and Indonesian

Willis Wee
Willis Wee
7:30 pm on Nov 30, 2012

Earlier this month, Evernote integrated with Tencent’s ONE Browser for mobiles in India. Today, Evernote announced that its service is now available in Thai and Indonesian too. The integration with ONE Browser allows users to clip and save webpages content in their Evernote account. For folks who are interested, you can download the ONE Browser for Android here.

One-click saving to Evernote in the updated Tencent ONE Browser for Android.

Unlike Tencent’s QQ browser, ONE Browser (formerly called Ibibo Browser in India, or as iBrowser elsewhere) compresses mobile data, and claims to be able to reduce users’ data costs by up to 85 percent. It competes with Opera Mini, which is arguably the most widely used mobile browser (also with data compression capabilities) in Indonesia, as well as UC Browser.

With 40 million users worldwide, including 200,000 users in Indonesia, Evernote seems to be placing a great deal of focus on Indonesia, a nation which matches up very well with Tencent’s mobile strategy. The Chinese company recently partnered with media conglomerate PT. Global Mediacom and also stated its ambitions quite clearly at our Startup Asia Jakarta conference in June of this year.

Andy Pan, Tencent’s Director of International Mobile Products, said:

We are rapidly introducing our products in the Asian region and Indonesia is a primary market for us. With the mobile phone subscribers’ base now topping more than 260 million, Indonesia’s mobile phone penetration has tripled in five years.

Evernote seems to be rapidly ramping up partnerships and initiatives across Asia in 2012. In May, it launched Yinxiang Biji, an Evernote service localized for the Chinese market which was then followed up by Alipay integration (to pay for Evernote pro services). In July, we noted that Evernote has 1.1 million users in China. Just recently, we wrote that Moleskin also creatively launched a smart (paper) notebook which enhances the quality of your photos taken with your mobile phone within the Evernote app.

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