How Thai Football Fans Reacted to Euro 2012 Final on Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]


Euro 2012 is all over after a spectacular win by Spain that gives them the extraordinary triple whammy of wins in the last World Cup and Euro 2008 as well. As soon as the match was over, the mavens of social media metrics at Zocialrank leapt on their analytics tools and figured out what the football fans of Thailand made of the Euro 2012 finale on Twitter and Foursquare.

The results have been prettified and portrayed in the infographic below. Some of the social highlights out of Thailand include:

  • Spain got about double the amount of Twitter mentions by Thai footie fans before, during, and after the match. Clearly they know how to pick a winner!

  • The most mentioned player was Spain’s Torres, who scored [UPDATE: Oops!] three the third of the nation’s four goals in the final.

  • The major brands backing UEFA’s Euro cup this year didn’t fare too well, with only three percent of Thai football viewers mentioning any of the major brands involved, such as Honda or McDonald’s.

  • Instead, Euro 2012 viewers in Thailand were too busy discussing the practicalities of seeing the game via “หนวดกุ้ง” (traditional antenna TV) or via GMMZ.

  • The social peak of Euro 2012 among the Thai viewers came as the first goal hit the net at 2:01am local time.

Here’s Zocialrank’s Euro 2012 finale graphic in full:

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[Source: Zocial Inc blog]

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