English version of MMORPG Onigiri off to a bad start with game launcher crashes


Cyberstep’s latest MMORPG Onigiri was officially released yesterday, but not without issues, as there have been reports of the game launcher crashing. Players have been posting screenshots and error reports in the Onigiri forums’ help and support section to help solve the problem. One thread had this response from one of the admins:


Although this thread was started a month ago, people have still been reporting crashes. Some of them have shared that the problem was solved by running the game in window mode, but the players have also reported that this no longer worked after the update. As of my last attempt to run the game, there was no window mode option available and the game launcher still crashes. My colleagues also experienced the same thing.

In case you don’t have any graphics card compatibility problems, but still can’t log into the game because of the maintenance warning, you have to download the game from the launcher first as announced here.

If this is the first time you’re seeing the game, check out the official trailer:


Onigiri is free to download here.

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