Enderr completes Imperium Pro Team


Over the past few days, Imperium has introduced members of their roster starting with Exile as their League of Legends (LoL) team and then followed by Julev ‘Heartz’ Cayago for Starcraft 2, and Garret ‘IPT.Garret’ Baluyot for Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. The final announcement came over the weekend, as former Mineski player Caviar “EnDerr” Acampado was also added to their Starcraft 2 division.

Just like his teammates, Acampado also has an impressive reputation earning him the nickname ‘the Filipino Bonjwa‘, a term used to refer to Starcraft players who have dominated the scene for a very long time. Acampado’s most recent win was in the 2013 Vengeance Cup, a tournament where he competed with and bested the top Starcraft 2 players in Southeast Asia.
He has also recently qualified to compete in the World Championship Series (WCS) America Challenger League after he won third place in the WCS Series South East Asia qualifiers.

Imperium’s LoL team has also been impressive after sweeping the Pro Gaming Series with a 10-0 streak and qualifying for the Garena Premier League’s Spring season.

At the moment, Acampado is the final addition to the Imperium Pro Team, but based on our recent chats with owner Raphael Gancayo and Dan Liamco, we wouldn’t be too surprised if they decide to pick up players for other game titles.

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