Thoughts on East Ventures and Penn Olson


It’s Earth Day and Good Friday. But things are still running busy at Penn Olson. East Ventures invested in our Asian tech blog and there is a common goal which both parties will work hand-in-hand to reach.

We’d like to take this chance to thank East Ventures for their guidance and faith.

But still there are a lot of things to explore, learn and achieve. Hopefully over the coming years we can continue to develop at a pace that’s both challenging and fun.

Like any other start-ups, Penn Olson pivoted several times before finding the right direction. The journey has taught me a lot and made me into a better person.

A little history…

All these things wouldn’t have happened if I had not left my previous start-up back in 2009 (picture above). It was an education business which concept I strongly believed in. We were profitable within 8 months and things were running pretty well. Unfortunately, growth slowed and so was my passion for the business. I left and started this blog and it became one of the best decisions in life so far.

I could still remember the fear I faced when I first left as a co-founder. After all, I did spend a good 5 years of my life building my previous business… there were a lot of emotions involved. But to achieve a different result would require a different strategy and path.

Now, with my university life ended, I finally can stay focused on growing the blog. It will be a fun ride.

P.S: Thanks to all who have helped and mentored me. You know who you are.

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