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East Ventures Announces 100-day Start-up Accelerator Program

Rick Martin
Rick Martin
10:27 am on Aug 4, 2011


East Ventures,* a venture capital firm based in Singapore and Indonesia, has announced a new program for start-ups in the region. The new initiative, dubbed East Ventures Alpha, is a 100-day start-up accelerator program that aims to assist founders in getting their ideas off the ground as soon as possible.

The incubation space will be the East Ventures Tech Center in South Jakarta, Indonesia, but it is not limited to start-ups from there. Besides free office space and seed funding, founders in the program will benefit from a strong mentorship network and coaching along the way.

The program concludes with a ‘Demo Day’ where participants get an opportunity to pitch before a panel of venture capitalists and angel investors. Batara Eto, co-founder of East Ventures, said “With this program, we hope that there will be more and more entrepreneurs in the Internet scene from Indonesia.”

We have previously written about the vast potential of the Indonesian tech scene. Hopefully East Ventures Alpha will be able to draw out some great examples of local talent, and nurture them into successful digital start-ups.

To find out more details about the program, or to apply, head on over to east.vc/alpha.

Disclosure: East Ventures is an investor in Penn Olson.

East Ventures

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