Drumo is a Quora-like Location-based Service

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drumoStart-up Drumo is a platform to connect users and small businesses to find out what’s hot and happening right now in their local area. It isn’t a Twitter trend platform; rather, Drumo encourages you to ask questions to find out more about your area (video below).

Think about it. We usually search for information on the web. Google, Bing, and Yahoo give us good results based on algorithms. But are they the best? At times, not. That is why Quora, the Q&A platform, has been flourishing recently. We often get more insights when the right person answers the right questions. If you want to find a good pub with a rock band and ahem… hot waitresses in Singapore, a local who has lived there for over 30 years will probably be able to give you a better recommendation than an FOB tourist.

drumo-askDrumo also gamifies the platform in the way that whether you post a question or answer one, you earn points. Besides local reputation, these points can be exchanged for merchant deals.

Victoria Ng, a representative at Drumo explained to us that the start-up is the first Q&A platform of its kind to be launched in Asia Pacific (APAC). There are of course other Asia-based Q&A platforms, like Baidu Zhidao and Zhihu in China — but there aren’t quite like this . Here’s a confident statement from her:

These kind of services, [including Drumo], are widely pre-empted to take over old forms of search such as Yellow Pages, TrueLocal, Yelp and even Google; because it is based on trusted reviews and sources, real opinions, and connecting with real people.

Drumo is founded and managed by Design Royale, an Australia-based digital agency which has managed brands like Pepsi, MTV, Warner Music and Disney. This isn’t the first time that the agency has ventured into the web world. It has previously developed other Internet products, such as Royale/CMS – a content management system for advertising agencies – and Royale/Live – a social media feed aggregator.

Drumo is currently under construction but you can sign up here to get onto the invitation list.

(And yes, we're serious about ethics and transparency. More information here.)

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