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Singapore-based DropMyEmail Partners with GMO Cloud for Japan Expansion

Masaru Ikeda
Masaru Ikeda
8:29 am on Jan 15, 2013


DropMyEmail, a Singapore-based startup providing cloud solutions for website and email backup, has announced a partnership with GMO Cloud, the cloud solution arm of one of Japan’s largest hosting providers, GMO Internet Group.

The partnership between the two companies includes capital tie-up, and the roll out of Dropmyemail’s business offering to GMO’s users in Japan. The startup’s founder and CEO John Fearon says that they are planning to setup a Japanese subsidiary in Tokyo and intend to explore other partnerships with telcos and data center operators in the Asian region. GMO Cloud is investing in the company, and while the exact figure is unspecified, we’re told that it’s a six figure sum.

DropMySite was launched in Singapore in August of 2011, and unveiled its e-mail backup service DropMyEmail last March. The startup acquired OrbitFiles, a US-based cloud backup solution site last June and has increased its presence in the North America region.

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