Steven Millward
Steven Millward
3:09 pm on Apr 11, 2013

Dropbox Chinese Malaysian Indonesian

(Update: Changed Malaysian to Malay since we’re talking about the language, not the nationality!)

Dropbox reckons that it has 161 percent more Chinese-speaking users now than it had last year. So that makes it a good time for the American cloud storage service to roll out language support for Chinese – as well as Malay and Indonesian.

As announced on the Dropbox blog today, the updated Asian languages (along with new support for Polish and Russian) can be found on the Mac, PC, Linux, Android, and web apps from today, and will reach iOS soon.

With Dropbox being blocked in mainland China [1], the support for both simplified and traditional Chinese text is clearly aimed at the Chinese diaspora worldwide, be they in San Francisco, Sydney, or Singapore.

In terms of Malaysia, the Dropbox team says it’s seeing 274 percent growth there, and an even more stellar 537 percent annual growth in users in Indonesia. Though it’s not clear precisely how many users that entails. But Malaysians are saving 7.5 million files per day, while users in Indonesia are committing five million files to the cloud each day.

Dropbox is having a busy day, and also just announced Dropbox for Business as an expansion of its enterprise-oriented Dropbox for Teams cloud service.

Last May, Dropbox ventured into the Korean market, and began its push into Japan way back in 2011.

  1. China’s Net Nanny blocked Dropbox in May 2010.  ↩

  • Visakan Veerasamy

    Heads up, there’s no such language as “Malaysian”. The languages spoken in Malaysia is Malay. (Technically, it’s called Bahasa Melayu.)


    • Steven Millward

      @Visakan: thanks for that! it’s fixed in headline and story now.

  • Willis Wee

    Thank you Visakan! Fixed :)

  • Elizabeth

    Where does the 161% figure come from?

    • Steven Millward

      @Elizabeth that’s from the Dropbox blog.

  • Elizabeth

    …Don’t see it in the linked post….Is it supposed to be from another blog post that’s not cited here?

  • Steven Millward

    @Elizabeth i gave the link in the post. and then if you click on Dropbox’s image in that announcement, it takes you to that has those facts for the 5 new languages.

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