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Domestic helper marketplace Cabara gets $50,000 seed funding, preps Middle East expansion

Herry Fahrur Rizal
Herry Fahrur Rizal
12:30 pm on Jun 4, 2014

cabara website

Is there demand for an online marketplace for domestic helpers in Indonesia? Cabara thinks so. The team has received a fresh US$50,000 of seed funding from Abu Dhabi-based Bin Awas General Services to continue developing the business in Indonesia.

Cabara plans to use the money for web development, mobile app creation, strengthening the team, and to enter the Middle Eastern market – starting with Abu Dhabi.

Co-founder Faisal Rizal says that since its inception in October 2011, Cabara has sent out 1,350 helpers to domestic and overseas households. Bin Awas itself is a job recruitment service that wants to strengthen its offerings in the domestic helper sector with the Cabara platform in Indonesia and the Middle East markets.

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Cabara is one of the startups that competed at Startup Arena Jakarta in 2012. Most of Cabara’s business is done offline at the moment, but the team plans to revive its online platform soon.

There are 53 million domestic workers around the world, with about 41 percent of them working in the Asia-Pacific region. Asia’s domestic workers, mostly women, tend to come from countries such as the Philippines, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Bangladesh.

This article was published first on our Indonesian site, Tech in Asia ID.

Editing by Steven Millward and J.T. Quigley

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