Docomo CEATEC Preview Focuses On Mobile Data Collection


smartphone radiation measurement jacket

smartphone radiation measurement jacket

Docomo held a CEATEC preview event yesterday afternoon, showing off an assortment of new mobile technologies that will be on display at the upcoming show. The majority of Docomo’s projects focused on mobile data collection, but there were some other interesting highlights as well.

Here’s a list of some of the more notable mobile technologies Docomo discussed:

  • An assortment of smartphone jackets design to collect data such as UV light, bad breath, gamma radiation, and body fat. There was also a special jacket for high-speed battery charging.
  • A smartphone-ready device that can measure acetone in your breath, which is an indication of your hunger level and fat burning. It can be used to tell you the best times to eat or exercise.
  • Docomo’s environmental sensor network collects data from over 2,500 points nationwide, and makes it available visually via an augmented reality application.
  • A food photo application that analyzes your images and checks them against a pre-existing database. It will then give you the calorie count for that meal, for a standard size portion.

You can check out the video below for a demonstration of many of these technologies. And look forward to seeing these at the CEATEC conference which kicks off on October 4th in Tokyo.

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