How Many Downloads Does Your App Need to Top Apple’s Charts?


Research firm Distimo has been looking into regional differences in the amount of downloads required to reach the Apple’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) top 10, top 25, and top 50 in each area. They looked at a selection of ten countries with the highest iPhone app download volumes for the top 300 free applications, including China, Japan, and South Korea.

I thought we’d present those on a pretty bar chart (see below), just to give you a better idea of how Asian countries stack up against each other, and against other regions. Japan and South Korea are practically on par with each other according to Distimo, as in each region you’d need about 20,000 downloads to hit the top 10, and about 9,000 to hit the top 25. But both are behind China, where it takes about 30,000 downloads to break the top 10, and 15,000 for the top 25.

Of course the United States has the most competitive app market, as you might expect. An app developer would need about 80,000 downloads to hit the top ten there. So if you’re an app developer wondering which regions to target, this research might help give you some indication of which market is easier to crack.

According to Distimo, downloads also varied according to the day of the week, with about 17 percent of apps being downloaded on Sunday, 16 percent on Saturday, and Tuesday and Wednesday sucking it up with just 13 percent each.


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