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“To help millions of people make informed and better career decisions” — that was, and still is, the grand goal of IDENTIFI when we covered them a year ago.

Since then, they have expanded into an enterprise software company, dropped the double “II” at the end of their name, and brought on notable companies such as Novartis and British American Tobacco as clients.

IDENTIFI provides a suite of data-driven solutions to help enterprises manage their human resource functions and employee careers. The platform has features like pre-employment assessments, a talent recruitment tool, and a developmental plan builder for existing employees.

In Q4 of this year, the team introduced DiscoverMatch, a product that aims to improve the first impressions prospective employees have towards a company.

DiscoverMatch is a new company and jobs listing portal that showcases the companies’ culture, people and office spaces. Visitors will find the following at a company’s profile page:

  1. Directors and employee interviews
  2. Images of special employee perks
  3. Real-time display of company social media newsfeeds

Screenshot of PropertyGuru's profile on DiscoverMatch

Since its inception a few months back, DiscoverMatch has attracted over 120 companies (and doubling every week) to create profiles on the website. 14% of IDENTIFI’s customers have gone on to adopt its paid products.

IDENTIFI started off, and still is, an enterprise startup. DiscoverMatch serves as a distribution channel for IDENTIFI to broaden its reach for its enterprise products, making the cost of adoption in the beginning very affordable. It’s a soft-landing for enterprise companies to learn of IDENTIFI solutions, instead of being hard-sold to.

DiscoverMatch is offering 2 companies premium pages for Free. This include professional video & photo services — a service that usually costs SGD 1,500. Interested parties can email usman(at) with the code: DISCOVERSG. 

Alternatively, for those who prefer to Do-It-Yourself, be one of the early birds to showcase your company at:


(And yes, we're serious about ethics and transparency. More information here.)

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