Did you go to the World of Tanks meetup in Jakarta last weekend? (PICS)


Southeast Asia is not a military region by any stretch of the imagination, but World of Tanks is slowly winning the hearts of gamers all over. Following a successful community gathering in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, the Wargaming Asia team moved on to Indonesia, where its latest gathering, held  on June 8, drew more than 160 gamers.

The same freebies given out in Vietnam were distributed to Indonesian World of Tanks enthusiasts. All attendees of the Jakarta, Indonesia meetup received an Indonesia edition World of Tanks tshirt, a bonus code card with in-game gold privileges, and of course, an afternoon with free food, free drinks, and the company of fellow World of Tanks players.

Key staff from the Wargaming Asia community and marketing teams chaired a Q&A session with the players, which after 5v5 mini tournaments were played. The day’s grand lucky draw saw three lucky attendees walk away with in-game gold and a Razer headset.

Thanks to the success of the event, Wargaming Asia will be holding more community events in Indonesia this year, and these won’t be limited to just Jakarta. Cross your fingers, Indonesia. The tanks are rolling in!

Check out photos of the event here:

See what went on in Vietnam:

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