Diablo III Chinese Farmer Makes 60 Million Gold Coins an Hour [VIDEO]



My friends know I’m really into Diablo. Yes, while busy running this blog and business, I’m the proud owner of a level 53 Barbarian. It’s not at max level 60, I know. But it is still quite an achievement considering my crazy work hours. During the game, I noticed several messages in the Barbarian group chat that shows ‘farmers’ selling gold. Diablo 3 hasn’t officially launched in China. Nonetheless, some gamers are still able to gain access to the game. Not only that, but they’ve become pro gold farmers [1].

This video by ‘Markeedragon’ shares how a Chinese farmer can make over 60 million gold coins in an hour. He did it by using bots and scripts, programmed by the farmer himself, which allow him to get gold using thousands of bots accounts. 60 million gold pieces in an hour is really quite an achievement. Is this a profitable business? Hell yes. Every one million gold coins sold can fetch anywhere from US$15 to $25. But the Chinese farmer claims that the gold price has dropped so much that it is hurting the Diablo 3 virtual economy. He even remarked that he accepted this interview to tell Blizzard that there’s a loophole in its system. Seriously? Maybe he should stop using the bots and scripts and directly inform Blizzard about the problem. But there will always be loopholes, won’t there?

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  1. If you’re interested in the shady world of virtual gold farming – or ore mining – in China, check out our previous posts on one injured worker who was using WoW as a way to survive and pay the bills, or the more brutal story of Chinese prison inmates being forced to earn money on MMO games for their guards. ↩

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