, Indonesia online portal news, is acquired with US$60 million value?


News of the acquisition of, an Indonesia online news portal, was tweeted by Donis Ismanto Darwin, a journalist at Jakarta Daily. He said the acquisition is in final stage of negotiation where it will be valued at US$60 million with 100% acquisition ownership. He received this information from insiders and it is also verified by a person close to Budiono Darsono, founder and editor-in-chief of, who said the acquisition value is about IDR 521-540 billion (US$ 61-63 million).

Post acquisition, the directors will be replaced by people from TransCorp, a subsidiary of Para Group. Meanwhile, Surojo Bimantoro, Chairman of Carrefour Indonesia — owned by Para Group — will become the Chairman of

Previously, it was reported that the current executives will stay at the team during transition, but there is a high chance this will not happen. Budiono Darsono, as the founder, is being asked to stay at least until the transition period is over.

It remains to be seen how will fare in the future with its new owner.

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