CyberAgent to Close English Version of its Ameba Pigg Virtual World

Rick Martin
10:00 am on Nov 5, 2012

pico world

VS Media points out a CyberAgent (TYO:4751) announcement stating that the company will be closing the English version of its Ameba Pigg virtual world, Pico World. A brief note on its blog last week explained that the service, which was initially released in English in 2010, will be closed on December 17.

There isn’t much of an explanation for the closure, merely a statement that the company ‘cannot continue to provide updates due to limited developer resources.’ Pico World is also available on Facebook, so ostensibly this announcement would apply to that service as well, although CyberAgent didn’t mention it specifically.

So does anyone care that Pico World is closing? Apparently there are a few, as some users are petitioning CyberAgent America to save Pico World.

To my knowledge, CyberAgent hasn’t commented on its related efforts in China, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see Xiaorenguo on Kaixin001 and Sina Weibo be soon shuttered as well. We have inquired with CyberAgent to find out more. Update: These services have been shut down as well.

Disregarding its overseas adventures, CyberAgent’s overall Ameba efforts for mobile are currently transitioning from feature phones to smartphones. The company said in its recent financial report that it not doing additional development for Ameba on PCs, and feature phone development has practically stopped.

The company plans to strengthen Ameba for smartphones, with the social community service feeding users into its social games. So I suppose its possible that the company could try again with Ameba Pigg in English in the smartphones space once it establishes firm footing in that area. [Source: CyberAgent via VS Media]


  • indah

    may I ask? What is actually the meaning of “limited developer resources”

    ameba pico developer is the same with ameba pigg right?

    i play ameba pigg and when i found out ameba pico i’m happy because i can buy AG and simply understand the language without google translate.

    are the developer insolvent/ bankrupt or something?
    or because too much cheater?

    i spend hundreds dollars to play and i don’t want my pico character disappear. and so many pico user felt like me too. i wonder where i can directly talk to the developer people. i can asked my japanese friend to translate it to japanese if the developer is japanese.

    i’m not a kid, i’m 26 and i can’t accept the 1 side decision from developer. it’s really bad, after they take our money, they close the connection. but the more important is my pico character is like my son, and i have a lot of friend in pico and i will lost them in instant. simply told, they die because of pico world’s doomsday.

  • Andy


  • Cheezepuff

    I am a user of Ameba Pico and I’m really pissed off. All they gave us is a very sketchy notice regarding the closing of the Pico World (and how we should spend all of our remaining money.) It’s not very fair for us. I mean, if Ameba Pico is closing, why is PIgg still up and running?

  • Annoyed User

    I find it strange how they had a “super special ag sale” just a few weeks before, out of no where deciding to shut down.

    “Super Special AG sale running only for three days until 10/1 (3:00 GMT)!! Don’t miss this luckiest chance to purchase AmebaGold!More you purchase, more extra you get! ” (copied and pasted from their facebook site)

    If this is how they treat their loyal game players and AG buyers then good riddens.

  • Mike

    Ameba pico developer is not the same with Ameba pigg developer.

    Ameba pico is from cyberagent America, they’re placed in United states, is independent of
    Ameba pigg cyberagent Japan placed obviosuly in japan.

    Of course both are from cyberagent.. but the resources of each one are completely different,
    and placed in different countries.

  • Angel suarez


  • RadickTV

    So bad, i use to play ameba pico so much but i was busy with homework. If I can just buy ameba pico, i buy the company for my own LOL

  • Meeku-p

    Pigg is not closed because pico= Cyberagent US Pigg= Cyberagent JP, plus pigg has much more popularity than pico.

  • Rick Martin

    @Meeku-p, I think I was pretty clear about the distinction. And yes, of course, the original Pigg is not closed.

  • http://google itsme

    This isn’t fare at all we had friends that we love And idc about the updates Though we just need it back For fun There is people who put hundreds of money on that game i never Even think that this Game well close i play it 2 years I didn’t even know or imagined This game will close We would help there is one million ppl played ppl And 99% cried Because We met people that we loved and care. and we understanded the langueg Reopen ameba pico Fan page and see Still They r commenting. to return it See The Links -save ameba pico- We made We care it was part of us We had laughs we learned soo many things Didn’t i and some people give you pics Saying save pico I Buggie did that But ofc you don’t care…. you just deleted it Well just thank you….-_-

  • VJ

    We all loved ameba pico but maybe this wasn’t a game that was supposed to last for long. Maybe they just wanted to get more fans that would actually be interested and also the well known ameba pico was in English, so obviously it was easily understood by millions of people. So then, one day, pico closed and all of them knew there’s an old version of ameba pico just in japanese, so about 70% if not more, rushed to the old game known as ameba pigg and started from nothing. What good does this do to us? well nothing, however this does do good to ameba pigg. The amount of people playing ameba pigg increases dramatically. Finally, i think ameba pico was created to produce more fans and make the game known wider, and they probably knew it from the start, that ameba pico will be closed soon as they reach the limit of people playing.

  • love-pico

    Sorry, but the perceptions of Pico was very famous for the exercise was famous
    The Arabs, not how you say it very famous Lama perceptions excuse Fa great to me, and I do not like pigg
    And also I can not ship Gold Coins Is this good by you?
    Was still there for lovers of Pico and still defend
    All that cost them, whether in cash or stand still until you return
    Us. . . .. . .
    ~ [Back beloved Pico Us] ~

  • Fuck Cyberagnet

    They created Ameba Pico to get some attention and when they got what they want, they don’t give a shit about how we feel, the give a shit about the money they have. Fullfuckingstop.

  • Aron Calma

    We want pico to get back you know??

  • Project Unknown

    i cant buy anything in ameba pigg because i dont have any ameba gold

  • Elizabeth

    So basically, Pico World ripped us off? They took all our money. I really miss the game, but I am also pissed that I won’t be getting a refund. I also heard that Pico World shut down due to this girl getting raped, because this man said they should meet up over Pico World. So, her parents sued Pico World, which means they lost tons of money.

  • Jhenaro

    I love pico~but sadly it is now closed and i just dont want to play ameba pigg Because your keep earning and earning cg and theres alot of hackers and other stuff my 1st acc in pigg got hacked and my 2nd acc to so i decide to quit pigg because those things there are so expensive gm gachas are so only like 4 gm gachas and theyre so expensive it cost 100 gm = 1000 gm in pico
    and its hard to earn gm in pigg cause .. 1000 gm (in pigg) = to 10,000 gm in pico and its so expensive and 89% things on there are CG and in gummies 20% like in pico 56% all ag stuff 51% all gm items so i want to pico is back thank you >~

  • PAUL

    plss back my pico . i spend my money for PICO >. < account

  • Something

    The reason pico shut down was because of some idiot teenage girl. Here’s the story;

    The girl met some guy on pico then decided to meet up with him in real life. The guy wasn’t who he said he was (of course) and almost raped her. So her mom decided to sue the company instead of punishing her idiot daughter. The mother won and got millions and pico went bankrupt.

    -________- idiot mother and daughter.

  • Someone

    Keep posting complains about that stupid girl! were making them mad so her mom is suffering from this complain and to stop it, her mom wants to get ameba pico back!

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