ConnectCubed Makes Hiring For the Financial Sector More Fun



ConnectCubed is a Hong Kong based startup that hopes to make hiring for Wall Street fun, meritocratic, and scientific. The bulk of its users are finance undergrads who are looking for jobs. Their skills are accessed mainly through games. On ConnectCubed, members create profiles and play assessment games to build and showcase their finance skills. So far there are two games, one that follows a quiz format and another one is a trading simulator.

Michael Tanenbaum, co-founder of ConnectCubed told me that his team is made of mainly game designers. He himself is one too but he also has a financial background. He notes that their goal is “to make epistemic gaming (games for assessment) actually fun.” Besides its digital efforts, ConnectCubed also recruits students though outreach and campus events to universities around the world. Tanennaum elaborates:

We communicate with business clubs at schools across North America, Europe, East Asia and Southeast Asia (specifically Singapore). We also run contests from time to time. In fact, we are going to host a contest in two weeks time where we are giving away a Porsche and an interview at Upgrade Capital, a hedge fund in NYC, to the top performer.

Banks and hedge funds will pay to assess its database. ConnectCube has an algorithm that sorts out students based on key metrics that are relevant to their clients which ranges from skill, motivation, ability to learn and adapt, and personality. Michael says that his team has recently closed several clients in Hong Kong and New York.

The finance recruitment startup received seed funding last year and is now looking for angel investment.

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