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Singapore Leads in Non-PC Traffic, Japan Leads Mobile [REPORT]

Rick Martin
Rick Martin
12:08 pm on Oct 11, 2011

Infobar Android Phone

Infobar Android Phone, Tokyo Game Show

A new report from comScore gives insight into the shift of internet traffic onto what it calls ‘non-computer devices.’ These are broken down into 1) mobile, and 2) other ‘connected devices’ like tablets, game consoles, and e-readers. From an Asia perspective, a number of key insights stand out from the report.

Measuring browser-based page views in August, Singapore was found to have the highest percentage of traffic (of ten selected global markets) coming from non-computer sources at 7.2 percent (see chart below to the left).

The United States and United Kingdom followed next with 6.8 percent each.

But even more information presents itself if we look at how much of this is accounted for by mobile traffic (chart right). Not surprisingly, Japan out-mobiles all other nations listed with 4.8 percent. But Singapore is not far behind, in third spot along side the US at 4.4 percent.

Looking at India, we can see that remarkably almost all non-computer traffic is from mobile devices. According to comScore “feature phones drove most of this traffic, at 73.1 percent of all non-computer traffic.”

[Source: comScore]

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