The World’s Most Competitive Cities: Asian Hubs Strong, Yet Diverse [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Back in February we looked at why Singapore is perhaps the best place in the world for entrepreneurs to do business. Today we have a new infographic (created for us by that compares some of the world’s top cities in terms of competitiveness. It’s based on a report from The Economist and looks at a number of factors to determine its competitiveness index, such as the business and regulatory environment, and the quality of human capital.

While New York takes the top spot with an index of 71.4, Asia is well represented in the rankings with the afore-mentioned Singapore coming in third place at 70.0, making it the top Asian city on the list. It’s followed by Hong Kong in fourth at 69.3.

In the ‘economic strength’ category it was interesting to see that all by five of the top 20 cities are in Asia. Cost of living showed some interesting contrasts with Tokyo ranking as the second most expensive city (something I can vouch for first hand!), and Mumbai coming in as the third cheapest place to live [1].

For entrepreneurs and startups looking to do business in Asia, it’s goes to show that the economic diversity is perhaps just as wide-ranging as the cultural diversity in the region.

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  1. Tokyo was just behind Luanda, Angola, which was most expensive, while Karachi, Pakistan was the cheapest.  ↩

  2. Here’s the code, if you’d like to embed it on your own website:


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