Kickass slideshows about Southeast Asia’s web and mobile landscape

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Who doesn’t like a great, easy-to-digest slideshow? While reading a long article can test a reader’s patience, a well-made slideshow on the other hand can serve as an efficient learning aid that’s easy on the eyes.

So it’s perhaps not coincidental that there are many slideshows floating around the internet that shed light on the tech startup scene in Southeast Asia. Here’s a collection of some of the best ones, each with at least 4,000 views:

E-commerce statistics in Southeast Asia and Malaysia

A look at why major e-commerce companies like Rakuten, Qoo10, and Rocket Internet are venturing into Southeast Asia. Created by e-commerce blog in August 2013.

Rise of e-commerce in Asia

A look at e-commerce in the entire continent, with strong emphasis on Southeast Asia. Created by Gwendolyn Regina Tan of SGE and now Tech in Asia.

Entrepreneurship in the Southeast Asian market

A presentation on how entrepreneurs should tackle the diverse markets in Southeast Asia. Compiled by Bernard Leong, technologist and co-founder of SGE.

Vietnamese mobile market report

An overview of the mobile digital content market in Vietnam. Created by mobile content platform Appota in March 2013.

Philippine Startup Report

An appraisal of the strengths and weaknesses of the country’s startup ecosystem. Compiled by lead author Ron Hose, venture capitalist and entrepreneur.

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