Cllike Wants to Make Your Facebook Likes Mean Something


We’ve all seen the images that get passed around on Facebook — “Like this if you hate cancer.” It’s one of those heart’s-in-the-right-place-but-the-brain-is-missing things; cancer doesn’t give a crap what you click on Facebook. Most of those “charity” clicks are ultimately pretty meaningless. But a Singapore-based startup called Cllike wants to change that by getting companies to make charitable donations in return for likes on social media platforms like Facebook.


If you’re a regular user, you just go to and sign up or log in with Facebook. Then you can choose to like various companies. For each ‘like’, the company has agreed to donate $1 to charity, and you’ll even get a little say into where the dollar associated with your ‘like’ goes, as Cllike (I’m not typing that wrong by the way, that’s really how it’s spelled) offers a number of options from the Singapore World Wildlife Foundation to the Singapore Cancer Society.

Cllike is actually not, itself, a charity. The company makes its cut by charging the companies that sign up a 25 percent transaction fee. But for users, that doesn’t matter at all, and since the startup already has ten companies signed up, clearly they’re willing to deal with the transaction fee. (And it’s not hard to see why; they get Facebook fans and the good PR and tax breaks that come with making a charitable donation out of the deal).

As of now, the service is still pretty young, so despite the slick design and the service’s global ambitions, there are only ten companies to choose from and it’s fairly Singapore-centric. But since it takes two seconds to sign up for an account and zero money to assure $9 in donations to charities, the question for end users is really why not use this service?

(And yes, we're serious about ethics and transparency. More information here.)

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