ClinchPad is a new web dashboard for chasing your business leads


Here’s a startup that definitely uses its own product. ClinchPad is a simple web dashboard for tracking business leads. Whereas a lot of such customer relation management (CRM) tools look off-puttingly ugly and over-complex, ClinchPad makes it more straight-forward by keeping things easy on the eye.

At first glance, ClinchPad looks a bit like Trello, a project management dashboard that we used to use for our bloggers. There are columns made up of little, movable modules for each task, and it’s easy to drag and drop the boxes as a lead progresses. It looks like this:

ClinchPad is a new web dashboard for chasing your business leads

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ClinchPad co-CEO Kartik Kakar admits the likeness and explains:

The idea for our startup came from when we were tracking business leads for a previous startup. We struggled to track leads using spreadsheets since they aren’t really designed for it and we could not find any application catering to the needs of business owners with small teams as all the CRMs in the market are targeted at enterprises. We loved using Trello for project management and decided to take their philosophy to tracking leads, building what we feel like is the world’s simplest CRM.

The ClinchPad crew has been nurtured by India’s GSF Accelerator, which helps Indian startups to go global. Kartik says of that incubation period:

Going through the GSF program was a great learning experience. I found that they shared a common vision in believing the next wave of startups in India should be focused on global markets. As a result of their mentorship sessions, we are more focused on customer development and building a great team now and have revamped the product based on feedback since the program ended. Their association also opens doors to the angel investment and early stage VC community which we feel will be extremely valuable to us once we raise our seed round.

This CRM app has seen around 200 registrations since its launch last month, and ClinchPad has two paid customers right now, with 30 businesses around the world making use of the free package that allows up to 100 leads. It’s early days. The team of four is based out of New Delhi, India.

Perhaps the most well-known CRM web tool is Zoho, but there are also plenty of new challengers out there in this space.

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