Chinese man steals 120 chickens to pay for his gaming habit


Online gaming can get expensive; we all know this is true. Some of us budget carefully for our games. Some of us work side jobs and freelance gigs to make sure their in-game avatars stay well-equipped. And some of us, apparently, steal chickens.

That last approach caught up with one Chinese gamer, a Mr. Zhang from Fujian, Sunday night when police raided the internet cafe where he was gaming and arrested him.

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Actually, Zhang told police, he had originally moved from his hometown of Huian to the relatively developed Jinjiang city in hopes of finding legitimate work that would support his online gaming habit, and in particular the purchase of expensive in-game weapons and armor. He failed to find a job, but he did find some local friends, and when the money he’d taken with him, his friends had a suggestion: steal chickens.

So, in December of 2013, Zhang and his friends started living outside the law, sleeping and playing video games by day, and stealing chickens from rural villages near the city by night. They quickly discovered that chickens were both easy to steal and easy to fence, and they quickly fell into the pattern of stealing chickens, selling them quickly, and then gaming until the money ran out and they had to go back to stealing chickens. All told, they took about 120 chickens before Zhang was finally arrested.

Zhang and his nefarious chicken gang were apparently undone by a tip from the local citizenry about the robberies. Following his arrest on Sunday, Zhang remains in police custody as he awaits trial.

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