Chinese gamer breaks up with her boyfriend for stealing her blue buff


League of Legends is extremely popular in China, but there’s a reason it isn’t often prescribed as a fun activity for couples. One Chinese gamer couple learned that the hard way, according to an internet post the girl made that has gone viral.

The once-happy couple had been together for sixty days, but it all came to a crashing halt in the middle of a ranked League of Legends game, when the girl’s boyfriend stole the blue buff from her twice in a row. That, apparently, was the last straw, and she broke up with him. This turned out to be for the best; after breaking up she logged onto his QQ account, pretended to be him, and found that he had rather close relationships with several other female gamers anyway.

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The post has gone viral mostly because the girl seems to be taking the situation quite seriously, but most of China’s net users find it patently ridiculous. For example, here are some of the most popular comments from a Sina Games article about it:

Let’s all give a round of applause for today’s youth…

Utterly ridiculous.

Well that’ll teach him to steal people’s buffs.

A number of commenters also suggested that the original post was planted by Tencent as a “soft ad” for League of Legends. “Could this fake story be any more fake?” wrote one. It is certainly a possibility; many Chinese web and gaming companies use fake posts as soft ads to drum up attention for their products (or to damage the reputation of competing products). But it’s hard to see how League of Legends would really benefit from this particular post, especially given that it’s already the most popular game in China and doesn’t really need additional visibility. But you never know.

In any event, there’s a lesson here for all of us, and that is: don’t steal other people’s buffs. It could have much more serious repercussions than you think!

(via Sina Games)


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