Chinese gamer fails to notice his BMW's on fire while he's playing games inside it


When you’ve found the right game, it’s easy to get so engrossed in it that you sort of lose track of what’s happening in the outside world. But have you ever gotten so out of it that you nearly killed yourself while playing a mobile game? That’s what happened to one BMW owner in Nanjing, China this week.

Next to the burned-out husk of a BMW, a man named Mr. Wang told reporters that he has been walking down Nanjing’s Huxu street when he noticed a BMW that was parked along the side of the road had caught fire. By the time he reached the car, its whole undercarriage was in flames, but its driver was still sitting inside it, engrossed in playing a game on his mobile phone. Wang tapped on the window and screamed at him to get out, at which point the driver looked up, noticed that his entire car was on fire, and quickly got out. Shortly after that, the rest of the car (including the seat he had been sitting in) went up in flames.

The story has a happy ending, as there were ultimately no injuries caused by the blaze (although car fans may be upset, if unsurprised, to learn that the BMW was completely destroyed). But if it weren’t for the kindness of a stranger, the car’s driver might well have been injured or even killed in the blaze, simply because he was engrossed in a mobile game. It’s a good reminder to those of us who love gaming on the go — play your games whenever you see fit, but be sure you stay aware of what’s going on around you in the real world, too. Otherwise, your games could actually be putting you in danger.

(via QQ Games)

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