China's sexiest actress says she's a gamer girl


You may not have heard of Fan Bingbing, but you’ve probably seen her. In addition to her prolific acting career, the 32-year-old Qingdao native is in all sorts of advertisements and is even involved in the world of fashion. But her most recent project is hawking Netease’s upcoming game Warrior Spirit (武魂), appearing in a cinematic trailer for the game and then giving an interview about it to Tencent Games that’s clearly intended arouse the, ahem, warrior spirit in the game’s fans. When asked whether she’d consider dating a Warrior Spirit player, Fan responded:

I think [Warrior Spirit] players are mostly zhai guys [a term that means guys addicted to computers and games, like otaku in Japanese], and I’m the queen of the zhai guys, right? Actually, though, I am a zhai girl, so if I get the opportunity I would be willing to let a friend show me exactly how to play Warrior Spirit well, how to beat the levels and get to the end, I think that’s something very interesting and worth talking about.

In the trailer (which is embedded below), Fan aggressively says: “Conquer me, or be conquered by me.” Below the post, one user’s comment sums up the general reaction to the trailer and the interview: “Fan Bingbing has conquered me!”

Of course it’s really all just a PR stunt for Warrior Spirit, Netease’s latest entry into the ever-burgeoning field of Chinese-developed MOBA games that will look to steal some domestic players away from League of Legends and Dota 2, both of which are among the nation’s most popular games. We may know more about how much of a chance it has of actually doing that later this week, as the game goes into a round of open beta testing this Friday.

(via Tencent Games)

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