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China’s Giant E-Commerce Marketplace By the Numbers [INFOGRAPHIC]

C. Custer
C. Custer
8:00 am on Feb 28, 2013

China’s e-commerce market can be tough to wrap your head around. Between the sky-high numbers, the various competing platforms, and the different demographics and desires of Chinese customers, getting Chinese e-commerce isn’t easy. Luckily Alibaba has produced an infographic to give you a quick, clear introduction to the market.

(Though most of the data in this infographic comes from the reports of independent research firms, do keep in mind that as an infographic produced by Alibaba it isn’t coming from an unbiased source. Even so, though, we think it’s definitely worth checking out).

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(via Alizila)

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  • Bob Anderson

    I believe (per eMarketer data) that Australia ranks ahead of France in total eCommerce sales .
    2013 (E) Australia $40BN, France $37BN
    2014 (E) Australia $44BN, France $40BN