How China’s Youth Use Their Mobiles in 2011 [INFOGRAPHIC]


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The folks over at Enovate China have come out with their 2011 Digital Lifestyles Report, dubbed “Youth Go Mobile” which focuses on China’s 300 million 18 to 30-year olds, who are driving massive growth in social networking, e-commerce, social gaming, and smartphone purchasing.

For the report and the accompanying infographic (below), 500 Chinese youngsters, aged from 18 to 30, were surveyed and interviewed about their digital habits and attitudes.

What are some of the key findings? Well, it seems the younger 18 to 22 demographic is a lot more in love with their phones than the 23 to 30s. The university-aged kids spend quite a lot more time finger-tapping their mobiles, and 77 percent of them would rather give up their computer than their mobile device.

When it comes to usage, the 23 to 30-year old respondents are more likely to use their phones for reading articles or BBS posts, but in every other mobile-centric activity the 18 to 23s are more prevalent. They are especially more likely to be engaged in microblogging, SNS updates, social gaming, and online novel reading.

It’s interesting to see how there are disparities even between the same generational age. I’d be curious to see how differing income-levels and time constraints affect the mobile habits of the two age ranges – but that’s perhaps a subject for a different infographic.

To download the full PDF, or read more research reports, head on over to the Enovate site. Here’s the full infographic:

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