9 must-read tech stories in China this week


China tech news this week

Plenty of Xiaomi and WeChat news to keep you entertained this week, as well as some weirder stories from the nation’s tech scene.

1. Starting today, Chinese consumers will be able to buy almost anything inside WeChat

The messaging app, which has close to 300 million active users, rolled out a major update behind the scenes this week that will allow brands, retailers, and ecommerce sites to sell pretty much anything via WeChat. See one great example of this new mobile commerce feature in our article.

2. China has a new state-run search engine that nobody will ever use

Baidu rules the roost in China, but that didn’t stop this new search engine popping up this week.

3. No Weibo. No games. No texting. China’s Congress imposes grade school smartphone rules on Party members

It’s quite common for officials to be caught on camera hunched over their smartphones as the ceremony goes on around them. But not this year.

3D printing people in China

4. I really want this Chinese store to make me a 3D-printed mini-me

A 25cm (9.8-inch) 3D-printed figurine of yourself costs RMB 3,580 (US$580). But you’ll never guess how expensive it is for a life-size clone.

5. What’s WeChat’s latest viral hit in China? Not games, not stickers – it’s malignant tumor insurance

This surprising promotion lets users pay RMB 1 through WeChat Payments and receive one year of insurance protection worth RMB 1,000 (about US$162).

6. Tencent comes to the rescue of Windows XP users in China

It won’t be Microsoft keeping the 12-year-old operating system on life support. The burden in China now falls on internet titan Tencent, among other security and anti-virus vendors, to watch over XP users.

7. Why Xiaomi is splurging $200 million on a company notorious for bittorrents

This major investment hasn’t been confirmed yet, but we see why it makes sense as Xiaomi expands.

8. With pet ownership set to boom, Chinese pet product e-store nets $25 million in funding

Fun fact: only seven percent of Chinese households own dogs and only two percent own cats.

Do people really want to browse the web on their smart TVs? UC Browser believes they do.

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