7 must-read tech stories in China this week


China tech news this week

As the weather heats up in China, so does the tech action this week. Note that lots of Chinese startups got funding this week (one is included below), so remember to look out for our weekly funding round-up on Monday morning.

1. Alibaba will soon be a mobile telco, close to launching Ali Telecom in coming weeks

Before Alibaba’s long-awaited IPO hits Wall Street later this summer, the ecommerce giant will have its thumb in one new pie – it’s going to be a mobile telco operator in China.

2. At the height of China’s domestic internet crackdown, LinkedIn censors politically sensitive content from its pages

LinkedIn was spotted this week censoring shared posts that contained material considered politically sensitive in China – and it’s not just users in mainland China who found their posts being suppressed.

3. China wants to kick its Android habit in three to five years

Good luck with that.

4. Alibaba buys 50% stake in Chinese soccer team for $192 million

Chinese ecommerce giant Alibaba can now officially count a sports team among its assets.

5. Google services in China grind to a halt ahead of Tiananmen anniversary

For this year’s anniversary, there’s been a clampdown on all Google services, including search, images, translate, Gmail, and more products usually excluded from censorship.

6. China’s taxi-hailing apps might soon face their biggest blow yet

According to a new proposal, all vehicle-hailing apps might have to unify under a single platform and share data.

7. 35 million active users strong, China’s Pinterest look-alike raises US$200 million funding

China’s biggest Pinterest look-alike Mogujie (literally translated as “Mushroom Street”) is now rocking more than 35 million monthly active users and has just raised a US$200 million round of funding.

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