10 must-read tech stories in China this week


China tech news this week

With a bigger China editorial team, we’ve got a ton of cool news for you this week. Thanks to Steven, Paul, Charlie, and Josh for all their insights into the ever-changing landscape in China.

1. Struggling to steal momentum from WeChat, Alibaba pushes its own messaging app

Guess who’s getting into the messaging app battle? Alibaba. Is it possible that we’ll start to see Alibaba use a kind of Kindle-like strategy with its chat app, pushing content and purchases on top of a platform everybody uses? Well, Alibaba has to win the chat app battle first.

2. No, China is NOT unblocking Facebook (or anything else) in Shanghai free trade zone

Once again, the international press jumped the gun on this one. We really need to start reading the fine print.

3. China will get 4G before year’s end, says MIIT chief

Fast mobile internet coming to China very soon. With mobile adoption at the top of the world, this is big for China’s mobile users.

4. Xiaomi opens biggest ever service center in Beijing, looks like a store (Updated)

As much as Xiaomi’s CEO doesn’t want to be called the Apple of China, it’s interesting that the company is opening an Apple-like store. It’s an unbeatable model, after all. Google and Microsoft have also copied it.

5. Alibaba purchases Chinese cloud service provider Kanbox for an undisclosed sum

In other words, China’s tech giants are all getting really into cloud. Are we about to see more big data and services by next year’s end?

6. Report: Suning to buy PPTV for around $400 million

The intersection of television and tech is of course a huge potential.

7. IDC: China to ship 360 million smartphones this year, 450 million in 2014

360 million is well beyond the size of the population of America. It’s only a matter of time before 100 percent of China’s population has a smartphone.

8. Xiaomi’s outgoing flagship phone sold 10 million units in 11 months

One of the leaders in pushing smartphones to Chinese citizens has to be Xiaomi. Shipping these numbers, although nowhere close to what Apple ships in a few days, is still huge.

9. Government document says China is ready to lift ban on game consoles

Possibly one of the hottest pieces of news in China this week for tech. I wonder if we’ll start to see a Huawei for consoles in the near future? If a player can drive down the price and still get a gaming ecosystem, it’s certainly a possibility.

10. China’s top e-commerce marketplace to open up to overseas merchants

Tmall is keen to get more overseas retailers selling directly to Chinese consumers. This could be good news for medium-sized businesses who couldn’t access the Chinese market before. (Updated: Corrected this summary).

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