6 must-read tech stories in China this week


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Bitcoin, Malaysia Airlines, and Xiaomi are among our favorite stories from China this week. Here’s our top picks.

1. This handheld game console crossed with a smartphone could be the future of gaming in China

While slightly bulkier than other five-inch phones, Much has managed to keep the device down to a tolerable stature.Finally, the RMB 999 (US$161) price tag nudges it from the “gratuitous toy” category into “why the hell not?”

2. 12 tech entrepreneurs under 30 making awesome stuff in China

One interesting trend is a lot more hardware startups this year.

3. China’s banks must close all bitcoin sites’ trading accounts, forcing bitcoin exchanges to shut

Bitcoin exchanges in China have until April 15 to take cash out of their accounts, which can be done without penalty before that date.

4. Looking to future growth, Xiaomi will build its own campus

The eventual new home will mean that Xiaomi can move out of its current bases, which scattered across three nondescript office buildings.

5. As outrage grows over missing flight, Chinese websites ban Malaysia Airlines ticket sales

Two of China’s largest online travel booking sites have decided to banish Malaysia Airlines as anger grows over the lack of answers about the missing MH370 plane.

6. Sina Weibo: “Just call me Weibo”

Sina Weibo is expected to raise $500 million in its upcoming US IPO.

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