China’s Social Media Landscape 2013 (INFOGRAPHIC)


The good folks from CIC have just released their refreshed China social media landscape infographic for 2013. Generally speaking, more players have emerged in the country’s social media space. But most notably CIC has added ‘Mobile Social’ into the mix, featuring mobile-only social networks like WeChat, Guanxi, and Momo.

Among all these social sites, we identified two of them headed for an epic battle this year: WeChat and Sina Weibo . Weibo needs to win but its popularity appears to have slowed and expansion plans have gone nowhere so far. On the other hand, WeChat is hitting multiple overseas markets, accumulating more than 300 million users. CEO and founder of Tencent, Pony Ma, is apparently convinced that WeChat is the next big thing, ready to spearhead the brand onto the international stage.

If there’s one social network that can dominate both inside and outside of China, WeChat looks to have the best chance. But having said all that, it’s not like Sina Weibo is in trouble. It’s recent social commerce test with Xiaomi was especially impressive. Though it’s certainly possible that was just an isolated case, we look forward to more such promotions. (Source: CIC)


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